About Us

We are a team of like-minded people who do business, generate ideas and realize them!

WE ARE Launch group

While the range of services we can offer is extensive, the top of the list means the most to our clients:

  • training our staff on product knowledge, sales techniques, and reporting
  • offering daily reports of generated customers
  • brand loyalty by having high customer retention
  • the ability to expand rapidly into new markets for our clients

WHY CHOOSE US - core values

team oriented

People want to know they have the ability to make a difference in other’s lives. They want to work with people that allow for them to be the best versions of themselves and contribute at a high level. This is why having a team-oriented company culture is so important. Knowing your work is correlated with others success drives individuals to be the best versions of themselves.

Strong work ethic

With that team-oriented environment must come a strong work ethic and commitment to excellence in every aspect of what we do. In order for the team to operate at a high level everyone must be dedicated and driven to succeed. We believe no matter the responsibility, in order to perform at a high level, you must take ownership of every aspect. It is the little things that make the big things run smoothly.


What good is working hard for other people if one individual has immoral selfish actions that could jeopardize everyone’s opportunity to succeed? We believe people’s true self is shown when no one is watching. Our business is run with the high levels of integrity needed in order to assure everyone on the team has a true since of trust from the top to the bottom. This allows for people to put their best foot forward knowing everyone else is doing the same.


We want our clients, customers, and team to feel the growth.  As we expand, we are able to offer new products to our clients and give our team bigger opportunities.  The ability to grow means we will be around for quite some time!


We believe people do not rise up to expectations, but only to the level of their training. Launch Group provides a complete internal, merit based, training and advancement structure which allows for us to a) Develop our people at a high level in order to get the best results and B) come through on our promises to our clients. We accomplish this by providing high quality, face-to-face customer acquisition for our clients in the telecommunications industry.




6670 S Lewis Ave Suite 201 Tulsa, OK 74136