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We believe people do not rise up to expectations, but only to the level of their training. Launch Group provides a complete internal, merit based, training and advancement structure which allows for us to a) Develop our people at a high level in order to get the best results and B) come through on our promises to our clients. We accomplish this by providing high quality, face-to-face customer acquisition for our clients in the telecommunications industry.

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What people think about us

“Our team is second to none.  This group is diverse, talented, dedicated, and ambitious.  Our client couldn’t be in better hands.”

Jacob President & CEO

“I’m proud to be part of a team that offers advancement and growth at my own pace.”

Ernest Account Representative

“Since expanding, we have learned a lot about ourselves and working in a new market.  We are going to dominate the market here in Tulsa.”

Isell Account Representative

“The culture of the firm is professional, but a lot of fun.  Team outings with family help us get to know each other on a personal level, which helps us all reach our goals faster.”  

Elizabeth Account Representative
Estimated Expansions
Lift in Results
Million in Market
Happy Customer

Our team

Account Representative
This could be YOU.
Account Representative
Isell is detail oriented and ambitious.  She been an exceptional part of our expansion team.
President & CEO
Our President & CEO leads from the front.  You won't find anyone that can outwork him.  He is a dominate force in the industry.
Account Representative
Responsible for overseeing a small team, Jason does it all from interviewing to sales, reporting and retention!
Account Representative
All projects under Elizabeth’s leadership were super successful and helped the company to achieve great results.  
Account Representative
Providing superior results and exceeding client expectations, Tre is your go to for any acquisition and retention need.  

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